Headquartered in HK, CP LEADEAR group specialized in integrated supply chain for recycled plastics industry. Our subsidiaries – ChinaCosmo USA and CP Leader do Brasil Participacoes has been investing and operating in recycled plastics industry for past decade.Acquired a Hong Kong based recycled plastics solution company in 2017 and set up another recycled PE focusing on agricultural pe pipe. As an all-in-one service provider from recycled material sourcing, pelletizing process, warehouse storage and logistics arrangement. Our vision is to build a controllable, sustainable, cost effective recycled plastics supply chain.

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Our Strength

In Malaysia, Approved Permit (AP) is required for import of recycled plastics. Every year, only a few companies are granted this AP license. AP is an import and export license issued by the Permit Issuing Agencies (PIAs) under the Customs Act 1967. Malaysia Department of Environment review the record of each license holder each year upon license renewal. Polluted recycled plastics may face detention by Malaysia customs CP Leader offer all-in-one service for our client who need AP for their goods to import into Malaysia

Factory service

In Malaysia's industrial park, our group has a large area of factory buildings and continues to expand. Manufacturers are welcome to join our factory plan any time.

Processing production service

The Group owns the largest plastics factory in Hong Kong and currently provides processing services. It specializes in PE丶PA nylon, PC, POM, etc. It also has a plastics factory in Malaysia to provide various plastic processing services.

Factory rent service

Our group is taking this opportunity to provide processing and production services in Hong Kong and Malaysia and to provide factory leasing services in Malaysia to help companies in transition.

Factory Introduction


Operating agriculture PE pipe recycling factory, site area 110k sq feet.

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Operating PA PC POM recycling factory, site area 55k sq feet, presently largest PA recycling factory .

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Running 6 compounding machine, monthly productivity output 1200MT.Expect monthly productivity will reach 2400MT by end of 2018.

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